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Revealed - what the public really thinks of estate agents

Estate agents have received a substantial thumbs up from a large survey of 1,990 people.

On top of that, the survey was commissioned by a body that in the past has been highly critical - the consumer group Which? 

The survey - conducted in June but with results released today - shows that 65 per cent of the public are fairly or very satisfied with estate agents.


Only 16 per cent are fairly or very dissatisfied. The remaining 19 per cent do not feel strongly either way.

However, of the house transaction service providers included in the Which? survey, agents came well below mortgage lenders who topped the chart with 77 per cent satisfaction.

Also better than estate agents were conveyancers, who scored 72 per cent, mortgage brokers on 71 per cent, and surveyors on 69 per cent.

In the past Which? has been sharply critical of parts of the estate agency industry over the size and display of fees as well as quality of service.

  • Rob  Davies

    Hardly surprising. We're not all bad, you know!

  • icon

    This is good to see. But its real value will be if it is reported in the mainstream media, so fingers crossed some of the nationals pick it up so the public see the results

  • Karl Knipe

    I doubt that would fit their agenda, John. It's become pretty trendy to demonise agents in recent years. Sometimes that criticism has been completely fair, but at other times it definitely hasn't. A little bit more balance would be nice.

    I think, when people actually use agents, they realise that most of us are just ordinary, decent folk doing a job like anyone else. Unfortunately, our name is tarnished by the minority of agents who put their own greed before the customer. We need to remember that it is only a minority, though.

  • Rookie Landlord

    Can they do this for landlords, too? We're really not so bad either, despite what some on here will try and tell you.

  • Mal McCallion

    We see freely-given, everyday brilliance on raterAgent all the time and it's heartening to know that even Which is grudgingly acknowledging it. Wonder if they'd really hoped for a rather different set of headlines when they started out on the research, though ...?!


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