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"You're Inspired" - Lord Sugar's high-spec London flats

Lord Sugar is to work with former TV Dragon and interior design guru Kelly Hoppen to design luxury apartments in the upscale central London enclave of St James’s.

An exclusive in the London Evening Standard reveals that The Apprentice guru Sugar - who has a substantial commercial property investment portfolio - has hired Hoppen to design two of the apartments at Bennet House, close to the Ritz Hotel.

The Standard claims Hoppen is the designer of choice for A-list celebrities, having worked for clients such as Victoria Beckham, Madonna and Sir Elton John.

The paper suggests that buyers of the plush two and three bedroom homes can expect walk-in wardrobes, en suite bathrooms, cloakrooms and bar areas, and says (unnamed) London estate agents anticipate the five apartments in the building to sell for between £7 million and £10 million each.

A statement from Lord Sugar says: “Kelly is the best at what she does. We want to create apartments that offer the owners the highest standards in luxury living and design.” He added that his property business, Amsprop, expected high demand for the homes.

  • Rob  Davies

    Nice and affordable then. Thanks, Lord Sugar. Then again, he is a barrow boy done good and is now more than happy to cosy up with the elite.

    What's the bet these homes are hoovered up by investors and never actually lived in? And still the supply/demand imbalance will be ignored.

  • Fake Agent

    As we see in The Apprenctice, Alan (none of this Lord Sugar nonsense, please!) is all about the profit, profit, profit at any costs. When's the last time any Amstrad products were sold? Now he has to focus on commercial avenues because he long stopped being a respected businessmen.

    There is a market for this type of property - more so than ever in London - so I'm sure they will snapped up nice and quickly, but I too fear they will be purchased by rich investors who will then sit on their investment until it balloons in price. Great in the short-term, terrible for our housing market in the long-term.


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