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'Virtual open house' flat sells above asking price

The property at the centre of what has been described as the world’s first virtual open house on Facebook has sold for £10,000 above its asking price.

Online agency SellMyHome claims that the technology helped vendor Mike Freeman achieve £10,000 more than the asking price when selling his London flat. 

The two bedroom home in Hackney, East London was on sale for £550,000 and was marketed with technology from software company Virtual Walkthrough. The property was sold for £560,000 - the agency claims an “almost identical” flat in the same block was sold in May for £518,000. 

The virtual open house using Virtual Walkthrough’s technology created 145 virtual viewings during the three hour period it was live on Facebook, with shares creating a reach of 29,349.

“It opened us up to a wider audience and made it easier for people to view our property” says the vendor.

SellMyHome is using similar technology to create a Facebook virtual open house every Wednesday, claiming it helps create “our vision of a better customer experience.”

  • Karl Knipe

    Fair play, but I think they would have to continue this trend on a number of properties over a more significant period of time before we start crowning it as a wonderful, revolutionary achievement. In trendy Hackney, it's not exactly surprising that the asking price jumped by that amount.

    Not to put a downer on what they've done, but I'd like to see them follow this up with further successes before I'm fully brought round to the idea.

  • icon

    Yes - true Karl. You can say reach of 30,000 till the cows come home but if they're not serious buyers and are located in god knows where it doesn't really mean anything does it?

  • Felicity Blair

    Have to agree Karl I feel the proof would have to be in numbers, this could merely be a fluke. If these results were proved to be sustained over an extended period I'm sure it would force agents to sit up and take notice though.


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