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'Major milestone' reached for e-conveyancing initiative

Edinburgh Solicitor Property Centre claims to have reached what it calls a “major milestone” in its new e-conveyancing service called Central Conveyancing. 

The system, developed between ESPC and BDP Software for Estate Agencies, aims to speed the conveyancing process as well providing an easily accessible and transparent electronic track record for all parties to a transaction. 

The system was testing online and offline with some ESPC members and is now to be rolled out to a so-far unspecified wider number of ESPC offices. “This further testing will allow for a fully-developed platform to be available nationally in the near future” says a statement from the centre.

“The system we’ve created offers an unrivalled level of capability. Not only has it been carefully designed to be user friendly, it has the ability to greatly improve risk management assuring all parties a secure and supported experience” explains ESPC chief executive Paul Hilton. 

“Conveyancing Central will create a system whereby as soon as a property is marketed a new case will be automatically created alleviating the need for double keying information. Once a buyer is found all key stakeholders will have access to the case including purchasing and selling solicitors, the home seller and buyer and their legal search providers” he says.

Just over two months ago Veyo, set up by the Law Society and IT firm Mastek (UK), announced it was being rolled out to an unspecified number of users across England and Wales.

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    • 21 July 2015 09:41 AM

    Cohesion is what has been required in conveyancing for a while so it's great to see a company fulfilling this requirement. Let's hope it does what it is aiming to and speeds up the process for all concerned!

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    Yes cohesion is the aim, hopefully a success in Scotland will push things on down here in England. Which brings us round to the question how are Veyo getting on? They were very loud and proud before their 'launch'....

  • Fake Agent

    Both correct. I'd like to see this introduced in England too, if it proves a success in Scotland. I see no reason why it won't.

    Ah, John, Veyo - what has happened to them? Would be interesting to hear from someone about how they're getting on.

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    Well FA - probably not very well - otherwise there would be press releases being issued left, right and centre, wouldn't there?

  • Rob  Davies

    I thought Veyo would do quite well. The concept seemed to fill a gap in the market and it looked set to be a surefire hit, but since they've launched we've barely heard a peep out of them, which suggests all is not well.

    There obviously isn't the same demand for a conveyancing portal as there is for a property portal like RM and Z, but I thought they would be doing better than they apparently are.

    Of course, they could just be keeping things very low-key until they have enough to shout about, but that seems a tad unlikely.

  • Jon  Tarrey

    Veyo, easyProperty, Houser - where have they all disappeared to? Anyone?

  • Rob Hailstone

    Veyo, cart before the horse. A massive amount of (probably expensive) pre-launch publicity. Official launch was on the 26th May, which turns out to be nothing more than beta testing with a handful of firms.

    Expect nothing of real interest until September and, on past performance, even then, don’t hold your breath.

    In the meantime, I will have a look into Central Conveyancing!


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