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Coming soon to the UK? - a £25k house sale video

We are accustomed to increasingly lavish CGIs, fly-throughs and even the (short-lived) 3D floor plan. Now the United States has led the way with a customised video costing a cool $40,000 or £25,750, all to sell one home.

It is to publicise 9133 Oriole Way in Los Angeles, described on Zillow - the US equivalent of Rightmove - as “this sexy contemporary masterpiece perched atop the premier Bird Street, Oriole Way, in the star-studded neighborhood at the 50 yard line of Beverly Hills and West Hollywood, just minutes from Rodeo Drive, Soho House & the legendary Sunset Strip.”

The point is not so much the bling, the specially-written rap soundtrack or the high production values, but the fact may be that what happens in the US now may well happen in prime central London tomorrow. 


The five bedroom 12,530 square foot Hollywood property is for sale at $32,850,000 or £21.16m - a snip compared to some properties in central London. 

9133 Oriole Way comes on a plot of just under half an acre with a fitness centre, hot tub, hardwood flooring - oh, and eight bathrooms. There is parking for 12 cars.

Zillow reveals that the video may well be the ploy needed to shift the house. It has been listed on the portal for no less than 224 days and was last sold, back in March 2008, for only $4,450,000. 

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    Very nice film, if any UK agent is brave enough we could shoot something as good for half the budget of this one..

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    • 14 July 2015 12:11 PM

    Very slick video and property, i'll give them that! Obviously slightly excessive, costing £25k to film, but what would you expect from a property in L.A.

  • Rob  Davies

    Yes, the film looks very slick and glossy, but over £25,000 to shoot it! Really? As you say, could be done on half or even a quarter of that budget. There are plenty of video companies in the UK capable of shooting something similar for a lot less. It certainly whets the appetite, but whether these sorts of videos encourage people to book viewings or show an interest remains to be seen.

    For the vast, vast majority, the property on offer in the video is way, way out of reach. Maybe these kinds of film only appeal to high-end customers, while for the rest of us it's merely a pipe dream that will never come true unless we win the EuroMillions.

  • Felicity Blair

    Yes it is an over-the-top glossy video that is totally out of reach for the normal buyer but it does look absolutely magnificent. If ever I'm ridiculously rich...

  • Louise Clarke

    Although very competently produced and filmed, the video in this article definitely cost nowhere near £25k to produce. We've made TV dramas, drama docs, ads and music videos with far more costs, for much less and there's no location fee or audio work with this property video. However, the especially commissioned music was by Flo Rida, which probably bumped up the budget considerably.

    I bet the PR generated by the video has been worth far more than the budget, so, to the agent, the video could well have been worth every cent. I'd also say with the music and story telling choices in this particular video, they've really narrowed their audience, but that might be their intention, it is prime LA after all.

    It's not the most expensive US property video though, legend has it there's a US property video out there that had a US$1m budget, but we've yet to track it down. We also wonder whether some of the super glossy videos (not thiso ne particularly) are just showreel pieces for the production company / director keen to break into advertising / film making.

    We've studied the US, Aussie and UK property video markets for quite a few years as we specialise in producing videos for property professionals and there is definitely a place for high end glossy property videos. In the UK, buyers and sellers also want videos and vendors are more likely to list with agents offering property videos. Agents already commissioning professionally made property videos are so delighted, they're now using video regularly.

    Property videos widen the customer base, bringing in more viewings with people who really are interested in the property and this means many properties sell for nearer the asking price, sometimes more. There is a huge demand for property videos in the UK and there's a property video option suitable for any property - from the simplest walk through to the super glossy lifestyle video such as this one. For high end properties, an estate agent and their chosen production company should always decide whether they want a PR video like this one, or a marketing video that actually sells a property.

    There were a couple of disappointments for us, not with the craft skills, but the simplest of things such as the end credits and all that budget and the production company didn't set up client video hosting!


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