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Agents' telephone data paints mixed market picture

Data from the estate and letting agency answering service Moneypenny appears to confirm what we have been thinking for some weeks - there has been a hugely mixed picture in the housing market since the May 7 general election.

There has been an 8.3 per cent rise in the number of calls taken in the second quarter of the year compared to the first - as one might expect in the normal cycle, for sales in particular.

But Moneypenny has ingeniously looked at the calls it took for agents on the 37 days either side of polling day, thus calculating a regional snapshot of how the market has changed since the Conservative government took office.


Some regions are busier - though not always by a significant amount. The regions with increased call volumes since poilling day are:

- South West (up 6.1 per cent)

- Yorkshire and Humberside (up 1.8 per cent)

- Eastern England (1.4 per cent)

- Greater London (0.6 per cent)

But other regions are down:

- East Midlands (down 8.0 per cent)

- South East (down 7.8 per cent)

- North East (6.3 per cent)

- West Midlands (6.1 per cent)

- Scotland (5.3 per cent)

- North West (4.1 per cent)

- Wales (down 3.4 per cent)


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