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Agency survey shows some buyers decide in 30 seconds

A small online survey carried out by Reeds Rains agency suggests buyers decide whether they want to own a home between 30 seconds and five minutes of starting a viewing. 

The study of 244 people suggested that the old cliches were in fact true - cleanliness, smell and fresh flowers were crucial in forming a good impression, while judgements were also made on how modern and bright the kitchen was, and how tidy and clean paintwork and wallpaper were. 

“The majority of people form their impression very quickly which is why getting this right early on will set the tone for the rest of a viewing” says John Wetherell regional managing director for Reeds Rains.

Most popular as a ‘welcome in’ gesture at viewings was the presence of fresh flowers, followed by the smell of baked bread. 

The research confirmed that artificial aromas could feel overpowering and to some buyers implied sellers were trying to hide something sinister such as damp.

  • Chris Arnold

    The same may be said as to how long vendors take to decide on the agency, which is why so many vendors choose the wrong agency first time.

  • Jon  Tarrey

    30 seconds? Five minutes sounds more likely.

    To be fair, you do get an instant impression of a place sometimes, within the first few seconds, but I'd doubt you'd base a decision to buy on the initial gut instinct. You'd want to see the rest of the house first - the garden, the kitchen, the bedrooms, the bathrooms, etc.

    Does, though, show the importance of viewings and getting them right. Too often in the past these have been done badly, and I don't think many agents know how to carry them out property. That's certainly the experience I've had whenever I've been on one before.


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