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Property TV channel set to launch

The UK’s first TV channel dedicated to the world of property will launch on Monday next week at 8am on Sky Channel 238.

The channel has been two years in the making with founder Michael Hammond and co-director Nicky Davis using a mix of industry and non-industry figures and shows. 

The channel’s first phase of broadcasting will transmit content which falls clearly into the entertainment genre, including UK programmes such as Sarah Beeny’s Restoration Nightmare, Dream Homes and Mad About The House, as well as some original programming which - to date - has not been revealed. 

The channel says it expects to create many original entertainment programmes of its own as well as “inform and educate through new programme concepts.”

Davis has been involved in the launch of several TV channels in Europe over two decades and says the Property TV “meets a recognised gap in the market for a channel focussed on what is for most, our most valuable asset - our homes.”

  • Emma  Mitchell

    A brilliant idea, I'm surprised that this hasn't be created sooner if I'm honest.

    Surely the channel should dedicate a regular slot to the infamous portal wars debate - that would be sure to grab the attention of property experts.

  • icon
    • 16 June 2015 12:06 PM

    The buying, selling, renting and letting of property is something which concerns everyone so it's fantastic that it is moving into the mainstream via the property channel. This should also mean that a wider pool of people will have more knowledge of the industry and make more informed decisions.

  • Tim Gorgulu

    Hmm, not sure there is enough demand for a channel entirely dedicated to property. If it follows the trend of other satellite channels, it will be packed full of adverts and repeats. I'm not sure there is much demand for five year old repeats of Location, Location, Location, is there?

    Even on the channels dedicated to sport, films, drama, motoring, etc, etc, there is as much dross as there is good stuff. I definitely think there is a gap in the market for property-based shows, but not an entire channel.

  • Robert  McKechnie

    I think there is definitely a gap in the market for a channel dedicated entirely to property. Housing, renting, buying, etc, etc - people love talking about it and watching programmes on how to improve their house, how to buy houses at auction, how to become a buy-to-let landlord, how to restore property, and how to buy/sell property both here and abroad.

    Property shows are almost as guaranteed to bring in the ratings as cookery or reality shows. The demand is definitely there, this channel will give people what they want.


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