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LonRes goes pink - and a little heavy on the jargon

In a flurry of artistic jargon, LonRes has unveiled the thinking behind its new pink corporate logo, unveiled on the website this week. 

Designed by London-based Draught Associates the new branding features a roughly square block with the words 'Lon' and 'Res' sitting above each other in what the accompanying press release describes as ”a confident, bold stamp.”

The logo also includes four lines and a dot which, says the release, “draw on the company’s core assets of data and network.”  


The statement goes on to say: “Making use of the data point (dot) and connector or line, this distinctive and flexible device suggests location and inherent connections.  Used across the LonRes brand the data point and connector present a fresh look with injections of wit.” 

The LonRes release also promises that there will be distinctive straplines and messaging which have apparently “been used to great effect across LonRes’ marketing collateral.”

LonRes chairman William Carrington describes the end result as “a strong, clean and contemporary look that reflects a professional and forward-looking business.”

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    • R M
    • 18 June 2015 06:33 AM

    4 lines and a dot? Is this a magic eye thing? I am not seeing that!

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    • R M
    • 18 June 2015 06:41 AM

    it is on the website, it looks like a semaphore Y (possibly U) It wouldbe great to animate that semaphore bit, waving up and down it means Attention.

  • Jon  Tarrey

    It certainly captures your attention. It hurts my eyes slightly and is a bit too fluorescent and bold for my liking, but it's definitely a brave move. Not sure it shouts out estate agents, either.

    What do other people think?

  • Daniel Roder

    It hurts my eyes a bit too. I like how stylish and minimalist it is, but I think they've gone a bit too stark and out-there.

    On the other hand, estate agents want to stand out, and a bright pink logo will definitely ensure that happens.

  • Karl Knipe

    You can't miss it, that's for sure. Which is probably quite a good thing for an estate agent's logo. Whether it catches people's attention and they like it, or whether it catches their attention and they hate it, remains to be seen.

    It's certainly a gamble.

  • Emma  Mitchell

    Agreed, it would certainly capture people's attention, although it's a little too bright for my liking. It has got people talking which can surely only be a good thing?

  • Felicity Blair

    A little 'in your face' for my liking but each to their own. Being different can be key.

  • Robert  McKechnie

    Certainly stands out. Might be a tad too bright.

  • Michael Lamoureux

    Reminds me of the London Olympic logo which cost half a million of taxpayers cash. I remember thinking that the toerag who graffitied my end of terrace could of done a better job.


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