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Zoopla: 23% drop in UK agencies, 11% rise in visits

Zoopla says it has lost 16 per cent of its global members in the year to the end of March - but critically has lost 23 per cent of UK agency members according to its half-year trading statement.

ZPG’s overall membership figure now is 16,076 compared to 19,239 a year ago. 

This includes UK estate agency branches, new home developers, overseas agency branches and commercial agents paying subscriptions. However, the loss of UK member agents is 23 per cent - most to rival OnTheMarket.


But the number of visits to Zoopla and Primelocation increased from 240m to 265m over the same period.

Revenue increased from £38.3m to £42.0m (10 per cent), while operating profit rose 12 per cent from £16.2m to £18.2m.

The average revenue per advertiser - a key performance indicator for the group - rose from £301 to £340 over the year.


“We had a strong first half with both revenues and profits seeing double-digit increases and ARPA at record levels despite the reduction in members during the period. Our audience continued to grow with average monthly visits during the first half at 44.2m and mobile devices accounting for over 60 per cent of these, up 34 per cent year-on-year. 

“We have also reached a significant milestone of over 6m app downloads as consumers continue to choose our websites and mobile apps as their primary resource when researching the property market and looking for their next home” says ZPG chief executive Alex Chesterman.

  • Richard White

    They're being given a thrashing by Onthemarket.com. Rightmove are the ones who really deserve it, but most agents haven't got the bottle (understandably so) to bin them just yet.

  • Rob  Davies

    Hmm, that's debateable. Zoopla have come out with plenty of other data in recent weeks to suggest that OTM aren't having the impact they would like to. While RM are laughing, completely unaffected by this whole charade, I don't think the predictions for Z are quite as dire as some make out.

    As well as this, there's the whole 'one other portal rule' which, according to some, is being widely flouted. So how many of those 23% are still on Zoopla/have returned to Zoopla since OTM launched?

  • Jon  Tarrey

    So the number of agents went down but the number of visits went up? All very well agents defecting to OTM, but if people are still visiting Zoopla and PrimeLocation instead then it's all a bit redundant.

    OTM is still struggling to reach into the national consciousness in the way Zoopla and RM have over the last few years. Until they rectify that, they'll continue to be also-rans.

  • Richard White

    I can't think of another plausible explanation.

    As for whether this constitutes 'dire' is very much down to individual opinion. I think most companies would consider a loss of this nature extremely worrying. As you say though, RM continue to polish their Teflon coat whilst counting wads of agent cash.

  • icon

    'ZPG’s overall membership figure now is 16,076 compared to 19,239 a year ago.' - For me this is the key stat = a fall from grace if ever I saw one.


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