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Portal launches 'Zoopla-Size Me' marketing offer

Property portal Zoopla is offering member agents the opportunity to publicise nominated properties across a range of media, and across the whole country.

The ‘Zoopla-Size Me’ campaign - unveiled by Phil Spencer at last month’s ESTAS awards ceremony - has been devised by creative marketing agency Mr President.

It will give nominated listings additional publicity on Twitter, Facebook, billboards, and digital ‘out-of-home’ on electronic boards. The first property to get the treatment is a three bed house called Jakes House in Dereham, Norfolk, currently on sale for £285,000. The selling agent is Sowerbys.

Zoopla says this is the latest way of reaching “our active home-moving audience” and is open to rental properties as well as those on sale.

“This campaign clearly delivers that message in a very simple and effective way and will make those selling or letting aware of the size and importance of Zoopla’s vast audience” says Kyrenia Blanshard, head of brand marketing at Zoopla Property Group. 

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    Surprised no-one has commented on this?! Is this Zoopla's first foray into direct vendor marketing? Agents on here have been warning about this sort of thing for months if not years now and although may seem a harmless marketing trick to consumers, to us agents surely there is something darker here? Unless I'm just being a silly conspiracy theorist.


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