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Labour-backing estate agent 'devastated' by arson attack

An estate agent whose office window had displayed Labour posters says he is devastated at an arson and vandalism attack which took place a few days before the general election.

Mohammed Aftab is appealing to the public for information after his Landlords Sales and Lettings Limited firm in Wolverhampton was targeted twice just before polling day. 

The windows had showed Labour Party posters from the inside of the office.


Aftab told the local Express & Star newspaper that he had agreed with Labour officials for the party to use part of his building as a committee room to help organise party canvassing and election day activities. 

He has told the paper that he cannot say for sure that the attack was politically motivated - his business was allegedly targeted a year ago when arsonists were believed to have used petrol in an attempt to set fire to the building.

“I have been left devastated, shocked and shaken by the events. It is hard to think that there are people out there who have planned trying to burn the place down. Whoever has done this have put lives at risk and must not like us. I can’t pinpoint who it could be or why this happened” he told the local press.

He is offering a £200 reward for help finding the culprits.

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    I can't believe any Estate or Letting Agent would back Labour. Did he not read what they wanted to do to our industry? I am not condoning any vandalism but this man must be stupid!

  • Rob  Davies

    Is that you, Gordon? Still bitter at losing the last election and being blamed for the financial crisis? No need to take it out on the party you used to represent.

    Either way, your point is ridiculous and indicative of the hyperbolic world we live in where fear and scaremongering wins out over rationality and sense. Not saying Labour would have been perfect for the industry, not by any stretch, but the Tories record on housing has been absolutely woeful. How many houses have they built over the last five years? How's their flagship Help to Buy scheme getting on? (From those who have used it, not very well at all). How are they getting on with helping first-time buyers onto the market? How are they getting on with dealing with the issues of Generation Rent? How are they getting on with bringing empty homes back into use?

    The housing minister doesn't even have a position in Cabinet, that's how much it matters to the government.

    And you kind of are condoning vandalism, aren't you? On the basis of your dislike of Labour, mansion tax, rent controls and bans on letting agent fees.

    Labour were certainly going to do no more damage to the industry than the Tories will. The longer the government continues to ignore the housing shortage, the longer we all bob merrily along in this little housing bubble that is about to go pop.

    I didn't get into estate agency to watch prices go up and up, out of the reach of most ordinary buyers. That's not a good long-term policy. Our whole economy seems based on high property prices - if it suddenly crashes, what's Plan B? I think too many of us in the industry are blind to that eventuality, brushing it off as extremely unlikely. I wouldn't be so sure.

  • Algarve  Investor

    Utterly abhorrent behaviour. No matter what your party political bias, there is absolutely no justification for such an attack of arson and vandalism. Disgraceful barely even covers it.

    @Gordon Brown - your feeble attempts to defend this, in a very thinly-disguised way, are equally outrageous. There is no defending the indefensible.

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    • R M
    • 19 May 2015 10:31 AM

    I had a call late one night, the property management firm next door to us had been fire bombed! It seems the 'property manager' ( a baseball bat) had been applied to a tenant earlier in the day. Once out of casualty the tenant returned with a molotov cocktail.

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    While the attack is abhorrent, this guy broke one of the fundamental rules of marketing and that is DO NOT MAKE POLITICAL ALLEGIANCES.

    Stay neutral - Always be neutral.

  • Emma  Mitchell

    Completely unforgivable behaviour. I hope the perpetrators are caught and appropriately punished.

    No matter what your political allegiances are, there is never any excuse for such a mindless act of vandalism. There really is no defence for it.

  • Tim Gorgulu

    Agree with the general consensus here - a horrible, vindictive and potentially very dangerous act of violence. Who cares what his political persuasions are? That's absolutely no excuse for this.


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