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Estate agent-baiter tipped as possible Labour leader

Sky News has tipped London Labour MP Stella Creasy - a long-standing critic of estate agents and lettings - as a possible leader of the party.

Earlier this year the Walthamstow MP handed out awards to the best - and worst - sales and lettings agents in her constituency, and last year she used her role in the old Labour opposition front bench to criticise the use of “introductory fees” being levied by estate agents in some sales hot spots.

“How can you be acting in the interest of the seller if you are also making money from the buyer? This practice to me looks unfair. The behaviour of estate agents doing this needs to be challenged” she said at the time.


Creasy also opposed the coalition’s decision to shift responsibility for agency overview from the defunct Office of Fair Trading to the NTSEAT at Powys.

Now Sky News has named Creasy as one of 10 possible future leaders of the party after its disastrous defeat at last week’s general election.

So far the shadow cabinet reorganisation - undertaken by the interim leader, Harriet Harman - has not given Creasy any position.

The Labour Party will decide later tomorrow whether to hold the leadership contest before the Parliamentary summer recess in July, or whether to wait until the annual conference in the early autumn.

  • Jon  Tarrey

    Not a chance. Good trolling by Sky News!

  • Fake Agent

    Cloud cuckoo land, Sky News. I doubt many people outside of the property industry, where she's pretty unpopular, have even heard of her. I think her heart is in the right place - and she's a decent MP by all accounts - but there is no way she'll be the next Labour leader.

  • Trevor Mealham

    Creasy needs to understand estate agency law, ie CPRs and BPRs, which mean property professionals have to be fair. She could thyen look at the 79 Estate Agents Act which says that agents must operate in the best interest of their clients.


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