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Cleaner look and new features for Estate Agent Today

The Today property sites - Estate Agent Today, Letting Agent Today, Landlord Today, Property Investor Today and Introducer Today - have relaunched with a crisp, clean look and the opportunity for much more interaction between agents.

Each site continues to stand alone via an individual URL but the other sites can be accessed easily from the top of each publication.

Today sees the official launch of the new-look EAT, LAT, LLT and PIT. The mortgage-focused publication Introducer Today will be launching in the coming weeks.


So what’s new? Well the most obvious improvement is a clearer layout with increased focus on news and views. Users now need to be logged in to comment on articles, aiming to improve the quality of discussion.

There’s also much more video content plus a video archive, while enhanced keyword search facilities and easier navigation around related articles.

All comments posted on Breaking News and Industry Views articles will automatically feed into the new and improved Community section - where we hope you will feel encouraged to express your views and cross-fertilise ideas with others in the industry.

“I’m very proud to announce the re-launch of Estate Agent Today, Letting Agent Today, Landlord Today and Property Investor Today. The purpose of the redesign is to make the Today sites easier on the eye while providing a 360-degree news and information service for the UK property industry” explains Nat Daniels, chief executive of Angels Media, the publisher of the Today titles.

Angels Media head of marketing David Fowle adds: “The redesign is the culmination of over a year’s hard work and we’re very proud of what has been achieved so far. The sites will continue to improve, though, and there are many more features we will be rolling out in the not-so-distant future.”

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    I am not sure why this has taken a year - It was much better as it was

  • Jamie Dens

    I'm from Landlord Today and hadn't previously ventured into the mysterious world of estate agency (the dark side?!), but launch made me look at Estate AGent Today too. Much cleaner now. Thumbs up from me

  • Jamie Dens

    Couldn't be arsed to 'create a profile' on sites before but this version is much better. Couldn't stand how cluttered it was before.

  • Richard Newman

    Got to say, it's a great improvement.

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    Definitely less shite than before! Big improvement.

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    Hi Nat,
    Good job on this. A vast improvement. Well done to you and your team.

  • Rob  Davies

    Definitely a cleaner, swisher look. It will take some getting used to, like anything new, but the design is very modern and 21st century.

    A few small things. A reply button would be useful - it's good to be able to agree/disagree with fellow posters. And you don't seem to be able to edit comments like you could on the old site. Plus, the picture at the top left of the article is a bit too large and distracting. These are only minor points, though.

    Other than that, pretty good job.

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    As I said over the weekend, the new-look is very impressive. Following on from Rob, I would say the comment text is a little small, especially for someone with eyes as poor as mine...

  • Algarve  Investor

    Agree on the more modern look, and the homepage is much better, but I have a few reservations.

    As a few others have mentioned on other posts, the font size of the comments is quite small. You have to squint a bit to see it, it should be clearer and more distinct. Also, the gap (white space) between comments is a little bit off-putting.

    I'd also agree that the picture at the top of the article is just too big - it means you have to start reading too far over. Content should trump pictures every time. The adverts in the middle of the article are quite distracting, too. Again, disrupts the flow of the words.

  • Fake Agent

    Like the new look and the way you can switch between all the publications seamlessly. The new logo is also much better.

    While the homepage is very modern and usable, when you login in from an article it takes you to your profile rather than the article itself. Can this be changed?

  • Sophie Allen

    The sites look much better - Much less distracting and more focused on news it would seem. I like how you can move between the sites easily, looking forward to further improvements.

  • Stephen Jury

    Good update guys.... well done, much easier on the eye

  • Jonathan Rolande

    Looking good, liking all the white space, much better.

  • Trevor Mealham

    Well done, nice new site, good luck

  • icon

    As a web and graphic designer, I have to say the new design is awful. No clear touch points, the homepage looks unfinished. Box layouts went out of fashion 5 years ago as they aren't very compatible with a responsive layout.

    Speaking of responsive, there's an awful, broken except overlay on the images that accompany the news feed on the home page.

    A clunky mess in short. I would be embarrassed presenting my clients with something like this.

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  • icon

    I like the new cleaner site, looks good and easier to read. Well done.

  • Richard White

    Excellent revamp, site looks great.

    Aesthetically it's much nicer and generally easier on the eye.

    Good luck with it!

  • Daniel Roder

    @Mike Lastname - say what you really think, blimey!

    To be fair, many high-profile news websites - including Sky News, the BBC, MSN and CNN - use box layout designs. So I'm not quite sure where you're getting the fact that they're 5 years out of fashion.

    I also haven't found it particularly clunky or responsive, quite the opposite. There are a few things I would change, but it's far from a disaster and looks much more clean and modern than the old site.

  • Daniel Roder


  • icon

    Love the new layout everyone - great work!

  • icon

    @Daniel Roder

    Okay, maybe a bit harsh. Bad day.

    I was about to say that CNN don't use box layouts and have gone for a more full width style, however having just checked it seems they've done yet another layout overhaul.

  • Sohail Rashid

    Lovely job on the site, big improvement, well done and good luck.

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    Looks good. Lots of information certainly. Good luck. 

  • icon

    Well done guys, very easy on the eye and clearly set out. Job well done. All the best.

  • Simon Brown

    Like it a lot! Much cleaner and easier to navigate. Well done to the team!

  • Mal McCallion

    Well done Nat & team, looks great. Congrats.

  • Rory Okeefe

    Sorry but I've got to agree with Mike Lastname. The new design/layout is awful... like really bad...

    I'm also a web designer.


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