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Zoopla to launch its biggest-ever marketing campaign on Boxing Day

Zoopla is launching its biggest ever national marketing campaign including new national TV adverts from Boxing Day.

The campaign is called Knowing More and includes national radio and so-called ‘out of home’ advertising with the portal predicting that 91 per cent of the UK will see a Zoopla TV ad on average 37 times during the campaign period.

The first TV ad features an estate agent and a couple, and centres around the character of the ‘house whisperer’ – a house-hunter who appears to be ‘communicating’ with the home to find out key information about it and the area...with the eventual source being revealed as Zoopla. 


The adverts will air in some of the most high-profile TV spots on Boxing Day and beyond including Coronation Street, Live Premier League Football and Gogglebox.

The portal has put a preview on its website here.

“Zoopla took a break from TV and focused on other marketing channels over the last year and has seen some excellent results, with Zoopla now the most famous property search portal in the UK” claims the portal’s chief marketing officer Gareth Helm.

“We have an opportunity to now move this on further by coming back to TV with a big-bang during what is traditionally one of the busiest periods for TV viewing and the property market” he says.

He says the campaign will standout against others and “drive more visits to Zoopla, increase brand exposure for our members and ultimately generate more leads for agents listing on Zoopla.”

  • Michael Saville

    Agents logo (Target) at 36sec looks like the OTM logo (doh!)


    So it does, very good spot!

  • Richard White

    I can barely contain myself! The excitement!

  • icon

    Pre-advertising an advertising campaign for advertising property - can't say I've seen that one before but all looks very slick. Will a campaign like this make any difference to the current landscape though?

  • Jon  Tarrey

    Property adverts are uniformly awful, so I doubt Zoopla's latest batch will be any different. As long as they stick to the tried and tested formula of cheesiness, bad acting and naff music they'll be alright!

  • Jon  Tarrey

    "The campaign is called Knowing More"

    If they don't manage to crowbar the music of Abba or a reference to Alan Partridge in, I think they've missed a trick.

  • Algarve  Investor

    The teaser video is awful. To be fair, I think Zoopla tend to do adverts better than most property firms - Purplebricks and easyProperty, I'm looking at you! - but they do tend to be a little bit naff rather than very memorable.


    could be awful or tacky but if its memorable then served its purpose...


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