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Residents go to newspaper to dispute agents' property description

The residents of a housing estate in Northamptonshire have gone to a local newspaper to dispute what they claim is an inaccurate statement in estate agents’ details of new homes.

The Whitehills and Spring Park Residents’ Association has gone to the Northampton Chronicle and Echo to dispute whether houses and apartments built by Bloor Homes and marketed by local estate agents really do have “easy access to the A14 and M1” roads.

Agents’ leaflets have been posted through doors describing a new estate. “Excellent transport links are provided by easy access to the A14 and M1” is one statement on the leaflets.

However, a member of the residents’ group is quoted in the local paper as saying: “It might take 10 minutes in the middle of the night but it takes a hell of a lot longer in the day.”

There is no suggestion as yet about whether the residents will take their complaints through any trading standards or other processes. 

Bloor Homes has issued a statement saying that as part of a S106 deal it was contributing to road improvements. 


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