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Over 16,500 UK estate agency businesses says Companies House

There are 16,547 businesses registered as estate agencies in the UK according to figures obtained from Companies House - the equivalent of 25.6 for every 100,000 residents.

London, predictably, has the most - 66.5 estate agencies for every 100,000 residents. But there are none at all registered in the Shetland Islands in Scotland and Ballymoney in Northern Ireland.

The information was gathered from a trawl of records at Companies House by Trinity Mirror Group’s GetBucks regional newspaper and online service. 

In the title’s own county of Buckinghamshire there were 240 businesses classed as real estate agencies - that's 30.7 for every 100,000 people in the area.

South Bucks' council area was the best served with 41 estate agencies, representing 59.8 for every 100,000 residents followed by Milton Keynes with 36.3 for every 100,000. Aylesbury Vale had 21.7 agency businesses for every 100,000 people living there.

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    Does this number include multiples?

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    Interesting, but how many are not (legitimately) registered at companies house?


    sole trader and partnerships from what i understand do not need to be registered at companies house only LTD companies.

    Rob  Davies

    A fellow Rob D. Welcome to the boards! Yep, you raise a valid point. With the swarm of new agents - both online and traditional - entering the market, it must be hard work keeping up with them all. Not to mention keeping the dodgy, bogus, only in it for the money agents at bay. Because agents with loose morals definitely do still exist.

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    @Mark Who knows...it says businesses rather than offices so i presume it doesn't?

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    As with many articles on this site, who cares?

    Rob  Davies

    Because it's interesting. Before just now, I wouldn't have known how many estate agents there are in the UK. Now, thanks to this article, I do. A nugget of information. Not life-changing, but still useful. That's what articles are there for, to inform.

    You seem to be claiming that this site mainly has articles that no-one gives a damn about, yet you took the time and effort to log-in, read the article and then post your inane comment underneath it.

    Who you kidding, Ray? We all know you love it here.

  • Daniel Roder

    Talk about overkill. I think agents get a bad press, but I do walk down certain high streets sometimes and think are all these estate agent branches really necessary. Then again, estate agents were one of the few who didn't lose out to the global financial crisis. Their numbers have grown considerably, even with the rise of the online agent. Online agents, too, seem to be popping up left, right and centre. I'm all for choice and competition, but do we really need so much of it?

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    "Then again, estate agents were one of the few who didn't lose out to the global financial crisis"

    I take it you are joking?

    If not it shows how little you know of the industry. Many agents closed and those that did not culled staff by as much as 50% in some cases.

    Try selling a property in a market where banks do not lend and houses are in negative equity.

    Any estate agent neg or owner has my utmost respect and shows how good they are either at their job or as a business owner to have got through that period.

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    Interesting! To whom and what use is it to the majority? 

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    Is there a list of who the top 100 are?

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    • 13 April 2020 19:52 PM

    I predict there will be 50% fewer EA not just employees!
    There are simply too many EA like there are tok many LA.
    Needs to be a cull of both.


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