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Agents agree voluntary code to limit size of For Sale and To Let boards

Agents in Douglas on the Isle of Man have agreed to a voluntary code governing the size of their For Sale and To Let boards, in a deal which could be mirrored in other locations.

Under the agreement agents will use large-format 5’ x 4’ (1.5 x 1.2m) projecting ‘For Sale’ and ‘To Let’ boards in wider streets.

In narrower streets, boards will be limited to 2’6 x 1’9 (0.8 x 0.6m).


The agreement also allows for large-format boards to be used in narrower streets if they are positioned on the inside of premises’ windows or used as window decals.

At first the code is to apply to commercial agents' boards but may also be used for residential advertising. 

"We drew up this agreement in response to concerns about the proliferation of agents’ large signboards protruding into narrow streets, which are not only out of scale with the surroundings, but also, and more importantly, give the impression of a high level of vacant units" says a spokesman for the Douglas Development Partnership.

*The original version of this article contained a mistaken reference to Douglas being situated on the Isle of Wight, this has now been corrected.

  • Trevor Mealham


    The Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) (England) Regulations 2007

    Size of boards
    Residential - the board must not exceed 0.5 square metres in area, or a total of 0.6 square metres for two joined boards.

    Agricultural/Industrial/Commercial - the size of the board must not exceed two square metres in area, or 2.3 square metres for two joined boards.

    Sale of goods or livestock - the board must not exceed 1.2 square metres in area.

    Any board advertising property for sale or to let must be displayed on the property to which it relates.

    Sale or rental of residential, agricultural or commercial property - any board advertising a property for sale or to let must be removed within 14 days of the completion of the sale or granting of tenancy.

  • Steve Tolfree

    Douglas is on the Isle of Man??

  • Trevor Mealham

    @ Steve - interesting. So different to UK mainland laws - thanks for info. Couldn't find anything on: https://www.gov.im/categories/planning-and-building-control/ so imagined the same

  • Steve Tolfree

    Yes that would most likely be why Trevor

  • Trevor Mealham

    @ Steve - so it just shows how legislation varies in parts from England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and also some of the islands in UK waters.

    Whats worrying is that some legislation can border conflicting with other parts of statute, ie AML (currently) has conflicts with BPR's when agents B2B.

  • Richard White

    Douglas on the Isle of Wight? Hehehe.

    Either you mean the Isle of Man or there is some bloke called Douglas somewhere on the Isle of Wight.

    For future reference, this may help: https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/United+Kingdom/@55.3632592,-3.4433238,5z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x25a3b1142c791a9:0xc4f8a0433288257a


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