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Written by rosalind renshaw

All Vebra Solex customers are being offered a six-week free trial of a video facility.

The technology, provided by idealhome.tv, automatically adds video tours and also large photo galleries into every Solex property detail page. 

Pilots have apparently proved successful, keeping visitors on websites which have the facility for up to 60% longer.

The free trial is available to any agent running version 4.7 of Vebra Solex (an upgrade can be downloaded free from the Vebra admin page).

At any time during the trial, agents can ask to revert their site back to its pre-video state. Following the trial, the cost of the service for unlimited properties is £50 per branch per month. There is no contract to tie agents in. 

For further information, email free@idealhome.tv


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    I've tried the Videos from TheBu2iness and they're nowhere near as good as the idealhome.tv solution (which is way more than a video anyway). TheBu2iness don't even match the words to the picture so they're rambling about the kitchen when garden is being shown! Talk about confusing! Thankfully idealhome.tv know how to do it right - I recommend you get yourself on the six week free trial.

    • 11 June 2009 22:44 PM
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    To see examples in action, check out any of the properties at the www.churchillsbushey.co.uk website

    • 11 June 2009 22:21 PM
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    Good point Tim for conventional video, but the idealhome.tv solution uses about 1/8th of conventional video bandwidth, so the slowest broadband connection works just fine.

    • 11 June 2009 22:16 PM
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    We trialed video tours and found that they were great IF you had a fast internet connection. Sadly, not many have.
    Broadband speeds (actual not potential) need to get sorted before these are viable across the board. Too ahead of their time ?

    • 11 June 2009 20:06 PM
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    Charlie, rather than having a cheap pop at Vebra i'd be more worried about the clients you've lost that are still on your website.

    • 10 June 2009 22:38 PM
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    Charlie - it's not particularly relevant
    If your product is so good - let the user base do the talking, rather than trading off of others PR - have noticed you do this alot and it affords you and your business very little credibility.

    • 10 June 2009 18:54 PM
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    Useful story, except TheBu2iness has been offering this facility for free (not as a free add on but as part of its completely free website service) for over a year now!! Not limited to anyone using any system... just thought this comment was relevant to the readers of this story!

    • 10 June 2009 14:30 PM
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