Written by Rosalind Renshaw

Entrepreneur and Dragon’s Den star James Caan has become chairman of property portal look4aproperty.

Through Hamilton Bradshaw – the private equity arm of his business – Caan has secured a 25% stake in the site, which was founded by Aaron Turner in 2004. It was not disclosed what the 25% stake was valued at.

Caan and Turner say they now plan to announce a series of new products to kick-start the UK housing market and help it to grow in the New Year.

Caan said of Turner: “I am delighted to be working with him. I invest in people. Aaron has the type of drive, determination and business acumen this country and the property market needs.”


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    So" property insider"you must be shaking in your boots now that Chris Williams has grassed you up to Aaron Turner.

    • 09 January 2009 11:00 AM
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    Well, let’s see if Look4aproperty finally puts £10 million into TV advertising, as they previously stated they would! If they do, it may just make look4aproperty a force to be reckoned with.

    • 07 January 2009 13:41 PM
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    This is all utter nonsense. To my mind, if someone of James Caan's standing has invested in look4aproperty - then good on him I say for supporting/getting involved in a business who are keen to take on rightmove and WIN.

    if look4aproperty with Caan's £400m backing take on rightmove and win then we, as agents will all benefit in finally seeing the slow death of rightmove - who i absolutely detest!

    Three Cheers for James Caan and look4aproperty I say...

    • 27 December 2008 22:31 PM
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    Hilarious! Property Outsider is a FRAUDSTER!!

    I have sent Aaron Turner an email so he can read all the comments you are making about him!

    Once, again, I am Chris Williams, MD of a large southern 10 branch agency chain (go do your research to find out which one) and I am a big supporter of all British Entrepreneurs - Caan, Branson, Stelios, etc!

    Lets see if this idiot can actually eat his own words when he finds out which lartge agent chain I own and run!!!

    I think you have mader a huge mistake property outsider and actually I think you should apologise in writing, formally for suggesting I am purporting to be anyone bar myself.

    Also, for ther benefit of the readers - why not drop your mask and let everyone know who YOU are - someone who is claiming to be a property insider - i Think Not!!!

    I have emailed Aaron asking him to read all the comments made!!

    I'd be interested to read any comments either James Caan or he chooses to make.

    • 27 December 2008 22:25 PM
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    Hilarious. Chris Williams is Aaron Turner and I claim my £100M.

    • 27 December 2008 22:11 PM
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    FAO: Property Insider!!

    I know for a FACT that James Caan (worth over £300m+) HAS PAID a 10 figure sum for his 25% - not JELOUS NOW ARE YOU PROPERTY INSIDER!

    This Proves that you are actually a "PROPERTY OUTSIDER" because you aint got a clue what deal has been done.

    I rang Aaron myself last week and actually the 8 figure sum Caan has paid for his stake was worth it.

    Look, YES I am a supporter of Caan, Branson, Stelios, etc - BUT it's fair to say that YOU (and me) don't know what they have up their sleeve - and because of this I recommend that you keep stum until you know better.

    Both Turner and Caan refuse to divulge what they are up to - so we'll just wait and see!

    It's interesting "PROPERTY INSIDER" you seem to have a lot of edge and much to say - but anything that James and Aaron do to stop Rightmove charging stupid monthly fees will only benefit everyone - so get off yoiur high horse and get behind a venture, which now has the richest 25% shareholder of all the portals!!

    Oh one final point, as for those offers - well indeed they are true Guardian Media Group made Turner an offer prior to buying VEBRA/Think Property - which Turner's Lawyers have confirmed he rejected.

    An American Media Group in 2007 also made an offer - which Turner's Lawyers have also confirmed he rejected - I hardly think London Based high profile City Lawyers would lie - do you?

    I detect a sense of anger on your part "PROPERTY INSIDER" -are you jealous or just frustrated that Caan and Turner have something major up their sleeve or perhaps your own estate agency business is going down the pan - because such agression at your customers as you have displayed here would surely mean you have no customers.

    Also, I need to confirm my REAL name is CHRIS WILLIAMS and I have no vested interested with ANYTHING Caan or Turner does - I'm just sitting on the sidelines looking to see what happens.

    I just beleive that James Caan and Turner are movers and shakers - and with such HUGE BACKING - Rightmove is now under even more threat!!

    Watch This Space PROPERTY INSIDER OR OUTSIDER - You may well learn something!

    • 27 December 2008 13:29 PM
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    If we are to believe the previous stuff from about massive marketing budgets, huge traffic and mysterious offers declined, why would Aaron Turner now need to part with 25% of his business? Or was he just making that other stuff up? We should be told ;)

    Mr T has previously indicated (to anyone that would listen) that he turned down 2 offers in excess of £100M for his business. So based on that valuation, did Caan pay £25M then? Did he flip. So join the dots and deduce that Turner has run out of money and the business is going nowhere.

    And who on earth is the sycophantic commenter above, calling himself Chris Williams, who purports to be an 'avid supporter' of Caan. I'll bet £100M that he has a vested interest...and he isn't really called Chris Williams. Toodle pip.

    • 27 December 2008 08:01 AM
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    Well Done Aaron! Ignore the comments of these doom mungers above - how can they say anything when they don't know what you and James are up to and about to launch. My advice to them is to keep their opinions to themselves and comment only when they have seen what you and James are up to.

    Rob above says that has nothing to offer - well what does he have to offer the public that his local competitors don't already offer - pot, kettle and black - i think!!!

    I am an avid supporter of James Caan and I can't wait to see what you both have up your sleeve - after all James is worth over £400m - a serious player by ANY standards!!

    Well done again Aaron Turner!

    • 22 December 2008 23:09 PM
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    What on earth is James doing - look4aproperty have nothing to offer the agents and the public that is not out there already

    • 22 December 2008 17:49 PM
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    I fear the investment will not turn out to be profitable let alone provide the sort of returns expected/demanded by a VC partner. 'Paid for' portals are on the way out, the revolution is coming and the bolt-ons that paid-for portals might try and roll-out in 2009 to stabilise their deteriorating income are unlikely to be enough to prevent their demise. Agents are hugely cutting back on portal advertising which is killing the portals cashflow. Remember that Rightmove were the first big player to pull out of HIP production as they calculated the margins wouldn't stand up once the HCR was removed, and we've seen HIPs drop about 40% in price in just 12 months! I can't see agents allowing a portal to control their conveyancing/financial referrals/inhouse software, nor their EPC/HIP production. Fascinating times ahead for all involved of course!

    • 22 December 2008 14:04 PM
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    Is that the James Caan from the Godfather?

    • 22 December 2008 11:59 AM
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    Aaron, well done! I hope this is good for you. You certainly deserve everything you get after all the hard work you have put in, I agree with James.

    • 22 December 2008 11:59 AM