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Interview of Carole Marsden
Written by the Estate Agent Today team
Carole Marsden, SearchFlow UK Sales Director


Who are you?

Carole Marsden  


What does it say on your business card?

UK Sales Director

What attracted you to join SearchFlow?  SearchFlow has been operating in the market for over 25 years and is the market leading provider of conveyancing search solutions. SearchFlow caught my attention after a new management team was put in place. In only six months, the company has undergone rapid and significant transformation in all aspects of its business. 

I am passionate about the industry and believe there is a great future for the best property and land data providers. SearchFlow has demonstrated to me that it has all the needed components in place such as highly skilled employees, expertise in data analysis and progressive technology, to enable me and my team to deliver an unrivalled service to the property and conveyancing industry.

What do you see as the biggest challenge facing the conveyancing industry at the moment?

Conveyancing is fast evolving. The search industry needs to be able to respond to the growing expectation that everything can be accessed online in an instant. However it mustn’t only be about speed. Search providers need to offer the most up-to-date and accurate information on the local environment in an easily accessible manner.

Fraud and cybercrime are also posing a significant threat to the industry. With the Law Society recently revealing that a quarter of law firms have reported being targeted by scammers in the last year, the conveyancing industry needs to act to combat the problem.

There are product solutions such as electronic AML checks and our Law Firm Search via Lender Exchange which enables users to check the validity of the law firm account details to ensure it is safe to transfer their client’s money. These services are available at a low cost or in the case of Law Firm Search for free.  And along with adhering to best online safe practices these can go a long way to helping protect the professionals and homebuyers against cybercrime and fraud.

How do you see SearchFlow's relationships with estate agents developing over the next few years?

At SearchFlow we have a vast amount of data to hand that will influence homebuyers’ position, the viability of a sale and price of a property. Engaging with estate agents and homebuyers alongside conveyancers at an earlier stage of the home buying process will transform the process; ultimately making it more transparent. We believe the home buying process is still relatively convoluted and that some improvements need to be made.

What is one of your greatest achievements in your career?

It’s definitely seeing people I’ve helped do well and then progress. I am fortunate that I have been in a position of influence over the last few years, and I’ve loved being able to use that to advise and guide people and use my learnings and knowledge to see them flourish.  It’s hugely satisfying when people I’ve worked with say thank-you because I’ve made a positive difference to them.

What is the most satisfying part of your new role?

SearchFlow has many great things going for it.  I am genuinely proud to be working for the company. Seeing new products which will benefit our customers being delivered quickly, and on time is a new sensation to me. It’s brilliant that when I speak to our product and delivery teams about what’s needed that conversation quickly manifests into something my sales team can then take to market.  And of course working with a fantastic team is also really satisfying and that goes from my sales team to across the whole business.

Why do you believe there is a great future for conveyancing search providers?

Because the best in the conveyancing search industry are utilising the latest technology advancements and the more readily available digital information. Getting smart with data insight and interpretation will improve accessibility of information on land and property, ensuring it can be widely utilised to help businesses in the home buying industry to improve their customer offering, operational efficiencies and risk management. 


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