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Historic estate agency rebrands as 'Portico'Historic London letting agency Edmund Cude, which also operates in the sales market having acquired Bushells three years ago, is being rebranded as Portico'.

In a press release majoring on its approach to marketing, the new name is described as fresh, relevant, memorable and distinctive and will be accompanied by a new fleet of black Mercedes-Benz company cars as well as rebranding on 11 offices in the capital.

Edmund Cude was entirely lettings focused until three years ago when the company acquired Bushells and the new brand will cover both sales and lettings.

The firm says it will offer a range of bespoke packages providing services they simply can't get from other estate agents - although it declines to say what these are, saying instead that they will be revealed shortly.

Edmund Cude started life in 1818 with that original name; Bushells has been around for nearly 80 years. Portico defends the statement claiming that in a crowded and often undifferentiated marketplace of companies typically bearing the owner's surname, they wanted something relevant, new and fresh.


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    Didn't seem to like my use of the famous author. If it wasn't already clear, I wasn't saying anything rude, I was saying Edmund Cude sounded like the villain from a novel by the writer of Oliver Twist and Great Expectations.

    • 14 April 2015 11:08 AM
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    Like it. Love the branding.

    Agree with the general consensus that it doesn't sound like an estate agents, but they're a well-established agency so shouldn't have the same issues with brand recognition and brand awareness.

    Also agree that Edmund Cude sounds very old-fashioned, like the villain out of a Dickens novel or some such.

    • 14 April 2015 11:05 AM
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    I agree that the name doesn't shout out historic estate/letting agency, but I also quite like it. I'm a big fan of this type of classy, low-key branding - screams out bespoke - and I'd say the new name is fairly memorable. Certainly better than Edmund Cude, which brings to mind some sort of obscure 17th century poet.

    • 14 April 2015 08:54 AM
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    Interesting. Sounds more like a boutique furniture store than the name of an estate agents, but it rolls off the tongue reasonably well. I quite like the stripped-back, minimalist branding too.

    • 14 April 2015 08:50 AM
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    Nice name. Must have cost a fortune to get the [url="http://www.portico.com"]portico.com[/url] domain.

    • 14 April 2015 07:25 AM
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