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Exclusive: 'Beeny Bounce" gives online agents spike in trafficThe publicity given to online estate agency in Sarah Beeny's Channel 4 show How To Sell Your Home has led to significant boosts in traffic.

The Channel 4 series airs on Monday evenings. Two of the six shows have now been transmitted and figures suggest that after the first programme, on October 20, online agents enjoyed a major increase in interest.

Traffic was up 39.5 per cent on October 20 and 21 against the same period the previous week says Russell Quirk, chief executive of eMoov, adding: Our busiest period of the month was the 24 hours between 8.30pm last Monday and 8.30pm Tuesday.

HouseSimple, one of the agents selling a property on the first programme, says its traffic for the entire day of October 20 doubled within one hour of the programme being transmitted.

Hatched.co.uk claims traffic was up a remarkable 680 per cent compared to the previous Monday at the same time, while iProperty suggests a more modest 18 per cent spike around the time of the show being transmitted.

The Home Owners' Alliance, a pressure group, has recently published on its website a comparative guide to the major online estate agencies and says its traffic to the guide was up 41 per cent around the time of the first programme.


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    Easyproperty in numbers...

    66m - The 'value' of the company
    1.3m - Amount raised by crowd funding
    4,000-5,000 - The monthly number of lettings they are targeting
    82 - Number of listings in London pre-Beeny show
    90 - Number of listings in London post-Beeny show

    I'm no Warren Buffett, but I've got a sneaking feeling these investors have had their wallets seriously 'disrupted'.

    • 30 October 2014 17:28 PM
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    Another load of self promo rubbish from Sarah Beenie. The seller of the terrace had no clue what to do when presented with the offer. I bet he didn't even try and negotiate. A good agent would have secured a much higher offer making the client better off, even with the fees. The owner of the 750k home needed guidance and a proactive approach, off which she clearly had none. A good agent would have provided this.

    • 29 October 2014 21:51 PM
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    saw the "programme " what type of "Beeny Bounce" are we looking at here :p

    • 29 October 2014 17:13 PM
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    it was a great advert for high st agents - . Use an on line agent - have more work to do, more stress, pay more money and either don't sell or sell for less than high st would have got you

    • 29 October 2014 13:56 PM
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    Great news, our listings went up from 35 a week to 70 this week whoop whoop Sarah

    • 29 October 2014 13:20 PM
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    Russell Quirk's everywhere. If he's not single-handedly taking on Agents' Mutual, he's here commenting on Beeny's latest hour-long advert for online agents. Of course their traffic is going to go up if they're being splashed all over people's TV screens - some might just be browsing out of curiosity, others might have genuine intentions of using an online agent. But the level of traffic going up is just meaningless. If traditional agents were shown in this sort of way, I'm fairly sure they'd see an increase in enquiries.

    • 29 October 2014 10:58 AM
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    if we analyse the programme, and forgive me if I get the figures wrong - the couple who sold - got 83k for their house online - the high street agent said he'd expect to get around 90k. They paid 795+vat to the online agent, Beeny quoted the high st agent at 1.5% - truth be told a number of leeds agents would do it for 1 or 1% + vat. so do the maths on this one - they were a few thousand pounds out of pocket. - Oh and the other house (i'd nodded off a bit at this stage as Beany was talking such nonsense - thought she was meant to know about the industry - it seemed like some young researcher had written her scripts) the other house failed to sell - probably after a few hundred quid of up front fees.

    • 29 October 2014 10:31 AM
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    Mr Day refreshed his page 6.8 times more than usual then

    • 29 October 2014 09:26 AM
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