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There are significant numbers of landlords in the UK who simply will not let their properties to those on Housing Benefit, while equally there are also large numbers of individuals out there who receive this benefit who are unable to find themselves a suitable home.

This on face-value looks like an unfortunate, vicious circle situation for the parties involved, that being said though it wouldn't be completely fair to say that there aren't potential risks involved when letting to people on benefits, after all landlords are in this business to make a profit. However it might surprise you to know that there is a thriving market in the UK for letting to those on Housing Benefit that many landlords are reaping the benefits of.

Potential Pitfalls
Yes, there are financial risks, there's no getting away from that; there is the worrying lack of a deposit, the danger that some new legislation will be announced by the Government that changes or complicates the procedures involved when letting and perhaps most significantly a lot of payments are made in arrears rather than a fixed monthly rate. All the legislative worries aside though, a final sticking point for many is simply attitude, the risk appears to be too high to some landlords and they just won't take the chance.

Getting Help Online
It is a shame that more landlords aren't open to trying something different because there is a large market of people out there just waiting to become their next tenant and those who are letting to people on Housing Benefit are enjoying financial success.

This is due in part to them making the most of useful and dedicated online organisations like DSSMove, who specialise in listing properties available to those on benefits. What this also does is cut out the middleman as they deal with a lot of the red tape that comes with leasing to people on benefits and also provides help and support to prospective tenants regarding the letting process - ultimately saving landlords the time and effort required to personally do this.

Taking a Chance
At the end of the day filling a property and earning income from rental payments is the main goal of a landlord and to hit a key point home, there is an abundance of prospective tenants available out there to those willing to take a chance which with the right help will in the end pay off for them.