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2021 begins and you have decided that this year you will achieve the goal that you have longed for: buying your own space for your family. Keep reading because we have gathered very important reasons for you that will show you why buying an apartment will be a better option.

2021 begins and you have decided that this year you will achieve the goal that you have longed for: buying your own space for your family. You automatically ask yourself: "Do I buy an apartment or a house? Is it just a question of budget or are there more factors that I should consider? What will be the best option?"

If reading these lines, you feel identified, keep reading because we have gathered for you very important reasons that will show you why buying an apartment is the best option.


A key reason. The fact that buying an apartment is more accessible than a house, not only presents a clear economic benefit; It will also give you more possibilities to live in high demand downtown areas.

 When deciding to buy an apartment, it will be easier for you to live in central districts such as San Isidro and Magdalena, thus benefiting your lifestyle by having everything very close.

Also remember that buying an apartment is a great investment. Over the years your property will maintain or increase its value, thus recovering the investment.

Efficient spaces

More than a euphemism, it is a reality. Knowing that it is important to optimize space, real estate agencies like ICASA pay a lot of attention to the design of their apartments so that their spaces are distributed efficiently, allowing it to be easier for one to organize and order. And most importantly: the less space, the more family life.

Common areas and their maintenance

Your home will not only be the apartment. Living in buildings like those of ICASA, you and your family will also be able to have and enjoy different common areas such as barbecue areas, internal patios, playground for your children and meeting room and coworking so that you can telework without problems.

You will have a good space to live as you want and the maintenance of these will be much cheaper to be divided among the other owners of the building.


While in a house you will have to worry about investing to protect the entire perimeter, install security cameras and / or hire personnel for surveillance; living in an apartment this important service is already included and with the best qualities.

From the moment a person enters the building, they will be registered by the cameras and identified in the lobby and can only enter if they have the permission of an owner. Your family can live in peace.

More economical consumption

With all the previously mentioned characteristics you will be able to realize that the maintenance cost, taking into account the services and available spaces, is truly accessible. In your apartment the consumption of electricity, water and gas will be less.

Likewise, the cost of maintaining common areas and security services and others will also be economical when divided among all the owners.

A privileged view

Although it is true that this only applies to those who buy an apartment on high floors, it is important to mention it because of the great benefit it implies and because you can only enjoy it from one apartment.

 Just imagine waking up one summer day, opening the windows and seeing the city under a beautiful clear sky. A great way to start the day.

Discover our new apartments for sale!

MADDY Project - Launching

Live with your family in a central and vital area of ​​Magdalena. Our project has apartments of 1, 2 and 3 rooms from 50 m² to 93 m².

In addition, it has incredible common areas such as a coworking, internal patio, children's play area and a barbecue area to spend unforgettable family moments without having to leave the building.

Project 732 Carriquiry - Under construction

Buy your apartment in San Isidro and enjoy all the good that happens around you. Our project offers apartments of 1, 2 and 3 rooms from 90 m² to 227 m² with large terraces and large spaces. In addition, it has an impressive coworking space and excellent finishes.

Project 514 San Martín - In immediate delivery

Move to the heart of Smart City . Our project offers 2 and 3 room apartments from 75 m² to 88 m². In addition, it has a barbecue area and ample meeting space.

Step by step to buy your first apartment.

We guide you with the purchase of your first apartment. Follow these tips and make your investment in the safest way.

After much searching, opening thousands of real estate tabs, making several calls with agents, and having travelled all over the city, you have finally found the ideal apartment. Now is the time to start the purchase process. Congratulations!

The purchase of the property involves a large amount to disburse. Therefore, you must analyse your financial situation well and thus avoid putting your economy at risk. This step is very emotional; however, you must do a good planning to carry the process without complications.

For this, there are some steps that will help you carry out the process in an orderly manner. We guide you with the purchase of your first apartment. Follow these tips and make your investment in the safest way.

1. Research your financing options

If you are going to make the purchase of your apartment through a mortgage loan, it is very important that you inform yourself well about all the available options. You must know all the requirements, conditions and benefits that each of the financial entities offers you.

That is why at ICASA you can finance with the bank of your choice. This way you will make sure to acquire the apartment of your dreams using the credit that best suits your needs.

2. Know your ability to pay.

Once you know the interest rate and the minimum amount of your mortgage loan, you can make calculations according to your income to know if you have the ability to pay.

Calculate the amount you need to save from your salary each month to pay the department fee. Also, consider that your savings, as well as your debts, should not exceed 30% of your salary so as not to put your financial situation at risk.

3. Lean on a real estate advisor

The process of buying the apartment of your dreams can be exhausting, tedious and confusing. Therefore, you can approach a real estate advisor in our sales room, who will guide, advise and help you throughout the search and purchase of your apartment. It will take a great weight off your shoulders.

4. It's time to look for an apartment for sale.

Having already done very well research on your financing options. Now is the time to begin that long-awaited search. Look for the apartments with the characteristics that you would like your home to have and, in the area, where you would like to live.

For example, we have three very good project options. One is the 732 Carriquiry building in San Isidro with apartments from 90 m² to 296 m² and with 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms. 10 minutes from the Financial Centre and in front of green areas. Another option is our 514 San Martín projects   in the heart of Magdalena del Mar with apartments from 70 m² to 88 m² and with 2 or 3 bedrooms.

Which has a privileged location and an impressive view of the sea. And our latest launch, MADDY in Magdalena, ideal for young families or independent ones looking for their first own apartment with 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms.

5. Review your options in detail. 

When you have thoroughly reviewed all your department options, you should carefully review all their characteristics. From the location, common areas, type of construction, finishes, benefits of the real estate, etc.

 For example, ICASA has a differential factor in the market: We have a built-in construction system in our buildings. This ensures the construction of a resistant, fresh and adaptable apartment to your needs.

Enjoy not only your Apartment, but also the common Areas.


What are the common areas of a building? They are spaces specially designed to meet different needs of residents. These serve a multitude of purposes ranging from entertainment and comfort zones to environments that promote healthy habits.

If you have not yet considered all the advantages, benefits and possibilities that the common areas of an apartment building can offer you, this note is for you. 

Common areas of a building

You should know first that there are many types of common areas, which can vary according to the concept of each building. For example, in ICASA projects you will find:

Open areas

In the 514 San Martín project, in Magdalena, you will enjoy 1,450 m² of terrace to do what you like the most. It has 2 SUM, 3 barbecue areas, games area and an impressive ocean view from the top floor.


In the 732 Carriquiry project, in San Isidro, a meeting room with a terrace is available for you, ideal for teleworking in the best way possible. 

Guaranteed safety for all

The great thing about common areas is that you will enjoy them without having to go outside. That is one of the best benefits of living in a building with these spaces, also called 'social areas'. Your family will be able to carry out their daily activities normally within the security of the building.

Getting closer to your department

Follow these tips and make sure you choose correctly. It is not a task that should be taken lightly, plan well and, as we mentioned before, avoid putting your finances at risk.

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