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The secret to successful Facebook ads for estate agents

Facebook ads are one of the most cost-effective forms of online advertising. A little budget goes a long way on Facebook, which is why so many agents are turning to the platform in the hope of generating as many leads as possible, for as little cost as possible.

Facebook is available to everyone, so anyone can run Facebook ads, right? Wrong! Although anyone can technically set up a Facebook advert as the platform is open to the public, there are a few things you should know before setting up your first campaign.

Here it is, the moment you’ve been waiting for: the Holy Grail of blogs designed to give you the top secrets to successful Facebook adverts!

Secret 1 – Campaign type is KEY!

We often hear of businesses who say they’re running Facebook ads and not seeing a return on their investment. When we investigate, we find that they’re usually pressing the “Boost” button on their Facebook page or using campaign objectives that aren’t to do with lead generation – this is why they don’t work. You’re telling Facebook to do one thing but expecting a different result.

Facebook is great as it gives you a number of different campaign objectives, some which focus on driving reach (more eyes on your content), some which focus on driving traffic (more clicks on your content), some which drive engagement (likes and comments on your content), and some which drive conversions and leads. These are the ones you want to focus on if you’re looking for ROI.

Key Takeaway – Use the Sales (previously conversion) or lead generation objectives to drive ROI and stay away from the Boost button!

Secret 2 – It’s not all about you!

When it comes to advert copy, you may be tempted to go for heavily branded graphics, talk about how great you are as a business or run a discounted offer for your services to try to drive business. This is the wrong approach for Facebook.

While a discounted offer, testimonials and heavily branded content may work with a warmer audience who have engaged with your brand before, 9 times out of 10 you’re targeting a cold audience on Facebook who may never have dealt with your brand before and may not be in a position to sign up immediately.

So, save the hard-hitting content for your email marketing or brand awareness campaigns and instead offer something of value to the potential seller/landlord to entice them to engage with your brand and give up their contact information.

This could be an instant valuation tool like ValPal, a hyper-relevant guide or e-book, or even an invitation to a free educational webinar.

Key Takeaway: For lead generation, offer something of value in exchange for contact details. Brand awareness and harder hitting content comes later.

Secret 3 – Nurture and re-target!

Finally, secret number 3! We know the Facebook algorithm is highly sophisticated and can even predict someone moving home months ahead of them doing so (maybe even before their plans are secured!) due to behavioural patterns online. This is great because it means with Facebook ads, you can get in front of potential clients before your competitors, but it also means that some may not be ready to work with you immediately.

We know that 1 in 5 ValPal leads goes on to sell on the Land Registry, so if you’re unable to get through to a lead immediately or convert them straight away, don’t bin them! Ensure they’re being nurtured effectively with your brand and you’re calling back through old leads regularly to see if circumstances have changed.

This is also where the brand awareness and harder-hitting content can come into play. Whether you nurture via email, SMS, retarget on Facebook or all of the above, having a good system with automation can make a mountain of a job as simple as breathing.

Key Takeaway: Leads may not be ready to work with you immediately so have a good process in place for following up with leads, nurturing and retargeting on Facebook with harder-hitting campaigns.

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