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 General Election 2024: Rightmove ‘disappointed’ at lack of housing focus

Rightmove has criticised the lack of focus on housing policy during the first General Election TV debate this week.

Housing was rarely mentioned during the first debate between Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Labour leader Keir Starmer on ITV t

Tim Bannister, Rightmove’s property expert, described the debate as “disappointing.”

He said: “At a time when house prices and rents are at record highs, it’s really disappointing to see that housing barely got a look in during the debate.

“People need to hear much more about what long term solutions there could be to help more people to move, especially renters who weren’t mentioned at all.

“We hope to see housing get much more attention over the coming weeks. There are many complex issues affecting different groups of people that need to be discussed.’”

Over the past five years the gap between supply and demand has widened, Rightmove said.

Since April 2019, buyer demand has risen by 15%, while supply has decreased by 6%. In the rental market, demand has increased by 32%, with supply reducing by 38%

The portal has previously called for Stamp Duty thresholds to be regional to help boost the market.

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    Rightmove obviously didn't understand the format... ITV picked the questions from the audience who asked the questions.
    It was hard enough to get an answer to the questions asked let alone questions they didn't ask.

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    A very unenjoyable event watching two grown boys arguing and scrapping. If you missed it, you missed nothing.


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