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Russell Quirk and Charlie Lamdin clash over house prices – who's right?

Property market commentators Russell Quirk and Charlie Lamdin have gone head-to—head in a long-awaited podcast to tackle their ongoing debate about house prices.

Both regularly clash on social media due to Lamdin’s long-held belief that property prices will fall by 35% peak to trough by 2025, a claim Quirk regularly disputes.

The pair chatted/clashed on the latest episode of the Two Russells estate agency podcast as they discussed whether house price indices are reliable, does net mortgage lending data matter for the market and are house prices falling? 

Watch the video below and let us know in the comments and poll below who you think was right or wrong.

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    the real question is, who cares what these two think? show me one person who has ever made a correct prediction about house price changes.

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    I think Charlie had the seriousness and the edge, Russell is just enjoying the moment. Never trust the Daily Mail to print exactly what you have told them and include that thought with every journalist.

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    Why did Charlie change his name from Charlie Wright to Charlie Lamdin?


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