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Government urged to look beyond ‘vocal NIMBY minority’ to boost housebuilding

The majority of the British public believe the Government is responsible for fixing the country’s housing shortage but few believe that politicians understand the challenges.

The findings come from research conducted by the Home Builders Federation (HBF).

It found that 72% of people place responsibility for solving the country’s shortage of homes firmly at the door of politicians, but just one in five think MPs truly understand the challenges facing young people trying to get on the property ladder.

To tackle the crisis, 68% of respondents agree building more homes is vital, while 80% were supportive or not averse to new homes being built in their local area.

However, only 55% think that solving the housing crisis is actually a priority for politicians and 72% of respondents were worried about the property prospects for future generations in relation to the housing market

Additionally, more than 40% of respondents agree with the statement ‘Housing will be an important factor in determining who I vote for at the next General Election'

It comes as home ownership among younger generations is lower than for their predecessors and housing supply numbers are plummeting. HBF warns that without Government intervention, housing supply could halve to new record lows.

Government proposals to weaken the planning system, the ongoing failure to address the nutrient neutrality issue and a lack of support for first-time buyers are hindering home builders’ ability to deliver the homes the country desperately needs – and blocking aspiring homeowners from getting on the property ladder, the HBF said.

HBF is calling for Government to do more to understand the challenges young households have in getting on the housing ladder, engage productively with industry, and take a constructive tone when discussing new build homes.

Stewart Baseley, executive chairman at HBF, said: “Despite the chronic need for more homes, housing supply is falling as a direct result of the policy approach taken by our political leaders.

“The evidence is now clear; the Government can no longer ignore the housing crisis facing people across the country. 

“People generally are accepting of the need to build more homes and elected representatives need to ensure they are representing all the people in their communities, not just a vocal NIMBY minority. Politicians need to step up and provide the leadership that will allow us to deliver the homes we desperately need.”


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