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Reader poll: Would a Stamp Duty cut help the property market?

More than three quarters of Estate Agent Today readers have backed the prospect of a Stamp Duty cut.

The Government is rumoured to be considering including a Stamp Duty cut or reform in its manifesto ahead of next year’s General Election.

DJ Alexander Ltd - the largest estate and letting agency in Scotland – last week said such a move would be welcomed by buyers and the property sector at a time when there was a softening of demand in the market.

Estate Agent Today readers have also backed reforms.

A poll launched last week asked if a Stamp Duty cut would help boost the property market.

More than 500 readers responded and 78% said it would help, while 15% said it wouldn’t.

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    If it exists the Brit Gov't taxes it. This is a ludicrous, horrible and very high tax on homes.

  • Matt Faizey

    When will we see the poll;

    Would a stamp duty cut cause another decrease in affordability and be ultimately unhelpful to the UK?

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    If they got the seller to pay the same amount of stamp duty,prices would be pushed down,which should be what everyone really wants.
    No-0ne gains by rising prices.
    It 10 years ago a two bed terrace ie bottom rung of housing ladder,was £100,000,and a three bed semi £150,000,with inflation this becomes £200,000 for two bed,and owner thinks they have"made" £100,000,but the three bed is now £300,000 so the gap has doubled!!!!!
    Help to buy pushed people to buy,but supply restricted by Local Authorities,Planners and Nimbys


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